Least Most Surprising Movie Endings

Let's be honest, we kind of guessed what was coming with these 10!

Jaws the movieIn 10) JAWS

The shark dies.



Titanic Movie9) TITANIC

The boat sinks.



Tomorrow Never Dies8) ANY JAMES BOND MOVIE

Bond defeats the bad guy, usually in his secret underground lair, risks his life for the girl, escapes just in time, gets busy with the girl, and forgets all about her by the time the next one is released.



Troy movie poster7) TROY

Someone should have bought the poor Trojan kids a pony for their birthday, or The Godfather on DVD, to get them over their four-hoofed 'Achilles heel'.



Full Monty6) FULL MONTY

The guys do The Full Monty ... in front of an audience.



Home Alone5) HOME ALONE

Kevin's parents return home. He's not home alone anymore.



Back to the Future4) BACK TO THE FUTURE

They return, well, back to the future.



Star Wars movie poster3) STAR WARS

There is a big battle in space - a War in the Stars if you will.



Inception movie2) INCEPTION

It's all a dream.



and, the big one...

Last of the Mohicans1) THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS

Should have seen what was coming when I read the title.